Made in England, our products are made by our experienced team making things that can be cherished for a lifetime.

We are proud to continue making these products traditionally and appreciate your business.

Thomas Parfrey

Our products are made in our Birmingham workshop where we have a long history of design and making specialized leather products. Based in the heart of England, the region along with its surrounding areas are famous for manufacturing and have led the way in jewellery, leatherwork, button making, buckles, thimbles and nails in years gone by.

Made in the United Kingdom

Our Birmingham workshop has many years’ experience in making Leather goods to order using a wide variety of materials and for many applications.  This has been especially prevalent in the shooting and equestrian world providing some of the most luxurious items to gunsmiths, riders and gun users.

The Ultimate Collection

Our leather is sourced from the best Europe has to offer and then tanned in the heart of Italy’s Florence region.
Cut, designed and hand-stitched in Birmingham, United Kingdom by professionals of the highest quality.
All our Premium Range Gun slips and Cartridge bags are made from Dakota Shoulders.