Us and Our Work

We are proud of the manufacturing heritage here in Birmingham and the Black Country. We deliver hand built luxury products keeping those historical skills and ways alive using the tools and techniques passed on over hundreds of years.

Today, Thomas Parfrey showcases a range of luxury leather items and premium leather sporting goods. The business is directed and run by our Executive Director Amanda Totney who brings a wealth of experience to our portfolio, understanding the types of luxury products that make you smile upon sight and touch. The company vision is to be a long standing, recognized and stylish brand which provides creations which bring enjoyment over the years to come.

Luxury to Order

For many years our team has listened to your ideas while working to maintain the heritage that comes with many of our products. We offer some of our most commonly acquired products on our website. We will continue to add to our offerings giving a wider choice of product and variations but if you may want something a little more unique, different colours and materials or just so you get something a little more personal we can help with our custom service. If you find yourself in this situation please get in touch as we can help you design and budget for your changes.

Getting our Items to You

We strive to keep many of our standard product lines in stock but it is not always possible, especially when adding options. Therefore we often have to make your deliveries to order. If your product is in stock we will ship in the following few days, however if we need to make it for you it may take a couple of weeks. If you engage our custom service then this may take a little longer as we guide you through the design. We understand that fast delivery in this day and age is everyone’s mindset but we hope you will consider the wait. If you have any important date to meet than please contact and we will do whatever we can to help.

Our Materials

Our leather is sourced from the best Europe has to offer and then tanned in the heart of Italy’s Florence Region. ​Designed, cut and hand-stitched in our workshop in Birmingham, England. Our team of leatherworkers ensure our products are of the highest quality. All our Premium leather goods are made from Dakota shoulders and have 100% vegetable tanning. Our Dakota leathers develop a beautiful patina in years to come. Our softer mottled leather products are sourced from Venice Italy and are commonly used in designer handbags and products. Our premier shooting products are lined with good old English suede. Although we give an option for real wool, we use synthetic wool to line the inside of our gun slips as we find your gun dries quicker if damp or wet.